[seek-dev] SEEK SRB query is running!

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Tue Dec 2 12:52:04 PST 2003

Matt, Raja, Jing and SEEKers:

The OGSA version SRB query for SEEK now is running in a machine at SDSC. The
SRB service can be
seen with the URL, http://sasa.sdsc.edu:8080/ogsa/services.

The GSH for the SEEK SRB Factory Service is:

The service is also running under Tomcat. Similarly to the implementation
for Metacat, the implementation of SRB factory Service also uses OGSA
technology. Here I'd like to thank Jing
for his help in solving numerous problems encountered in building and
establishing the OGSA service.

I attached two test xml query documents as examples to run query against SRB
query service.

Here are two remarks for anyone who wants to test or use the SEEK SRB query.
1. The SEEK Ecogrid query client can be downloaded from SEEK ecogrid CVS
   After the source code is downloaded, go to the 'seek/projects/ecogrid',
which is
   the 'root' directory for SEEK ecogrid software. Modify the property names
in the
   file, build.xml, to those as specified in the attached file,
srb_prop.txt. (This step
   will go away after I modify the build.xml.)
   In the target 'runClient' in build.xml, modify the following line
      <arg value="../../tests/testfiles/query-test.xml"/>
   to point to either 'srb-test_1.xml' or 'srb-test_2.xml' in your machine.

2. Two test xml query documents use our 'testuser' account. If you wants to
use SRB to
   store files(data) along with metadata and runs your own queries, you need
to have a SRB
   account in SRB. The following are two useful links of SRB.
   Apply a SRB account:
      (Please indicate it is for SEEK project.)
   Official SRB website: http://www.npaci.edu/DICE/SRB/

Bing Zhu
Programmer/Analyst III
Data and Knowledge Systems
San Diego Supercomputer Center
bzhu at sdsc.edu
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