[seek-dev] SEEK CVS organization

Vieglais, David A vieglais at ku.edu
Mon Dec 9 13:51:27 PST 2002

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> We do have an IRC server running that we use a bunch with people around
> the country.  It is currently host-restricted for security reasons.  Our
> sysadmin is looking into securing it so that we can open it up for
> public access.  Once that is complete, it'll be easier to connect.  But
> for now, if you want to connect, you'll need to send me any IP numbers
> from which you'd like to connect, and I'll enable them.  This can be a
> pain with DHCP, so hopefully we'll have it fixed soon.

Instead of IP addresses, can you use hostnames and dynamic dns (such as
through DYNDNS or perhaps our own dynamic dns service using GnuDIP or some
such) to get past the DHCP problem?  

- DV

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