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Bill Michener wmichene at lternet.edu
Wed Feb 12 13:59:57 PST 2003

Some of you have not made your motel reservations yet.  Please do so as the
block expires soon!

For those of you that arrive in time on Thursday, we'll meet at the Wyndham
bar from 5-7 pm and then go out for dinner.

We will have one or more vans to carry people around so you do not need a

Detailed agenda and logistics to follow.



William K. Michener
LTER Network Office
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Dear SEEK PIs and others,

The SEEK PI meeting will be held Feb. 21-23rd.  Individuals should plan
on arriving on the evening of Thursday the 20th and the meeting will
conclude on Sunday the 23rd at noon.  The purpose of this meeting is to
discuss and decide upon the design and development goals for year one of
the SEEK project.  A detailed agenda will be sent out in early to

Travel arrangements can be made by contacting Rio Grande Travel at
800-778-6861 and ask to speak with a University of New Mexico
Representative.  Or, you can be reimbursed if you make your own flight
reservations (*Please make them now and obtain the lowest possible coach

Individuals need to contact the Wyndham Hotel at 505/873-7000 to make
lodging arrangements.  Reservations need to be made by February 17,
2003.  Please mention the block of rooms that is being held for the LTER
Network Office (Dept. of Biology) meeting.

The following individuals have been tentatively identified for
participation in the SEEK PI meeting:

1) James Beach
2) Scott Downie
3) Susan Gauch
4) Matt Jones
5) Mark Schildhauer
6) Chad Berkley
7) Rich Williams
8) O.J. Reichman
9) Bertram Ludaescher
10) Arcot Rajasekar
11) Joseph Goguen
12) David Stockwell
13) Paul Tooby
14) Victor Vianu
15) Dave Vieglais
16) Guy Baillargon - ITIS
17) Peter McCartney --  Arizona
18) Derek Munro - ITIS
19) Robert Peet - UNC
20) Ferdinando Villa -- Univ. of Vermont
21) James Brunt
22) Deana Pennington
23) Kristin Vanderbilt
24) Robert Waide
25) William Michener

Jessie Kennedy will not be able to make the meeting.

We look forward to your participation at this important meeting.

Best regards,

William Michener

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