[kepler-dev] [Ptolemy] Re: Problem starting Vergil and Ptplot on the Mac under Eclipse

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Sep 25 13:34:44 PDT 2008

Hi Hauke,
Ok, it looks like it is not possible to run Eclipse using Java 1.6
on the Mac, but it is possible to compile applications from within 
Eclipse using Java 1.6 on the Mac.

However, if the application to be compiled is an Eclipse application,
then presumably, it won't run if it is compiled with Java 1.6 on
the Mac.

Also, there is the unusual problem that a project can't have the PDE
bundles in the classpath.

So, I don't think Eclipse under Mac OS X is ready for Java 1.6 at
this time.  It would be safer to stick with Java 1.5 on the Mac.
People that like to live dangerously can try using Java 1.6 on
the Mac and report back.

I've updated my docs at 
with your notes below.

Many thanks to you and Patricia for looking into this.


Hauke Fuhrmann wrote:
> Christopher Brooks schrieb:
>> Let me know if anyone is able to:
>> 1) Start Eclipse using Java 1.6 under Mac OS X
> Maybe you just can't:
> http://www.eclipse.org/eclipse/development/eclipse_project_plan_3_4.html#TargetOperatingEnvironments
> Says that eclipse 3.4 is designed and tested only for Java 1.5
> http://blog.kischuk.com/2008/05/08/running-eclipse-on-macbooks-with-java-6/
> This (which Patricia found) says it's not possible:
> "Apparently Eclipse uses 32-bit SWT-Cocoa bindings, and Apple just
> decided that they weren’t going to support 32-bit SWT any more in Java
> 6, breaking any app that uses them in the process.  So the fix is to
> just run Eclipse under Java 5 (Java 6 projects still work in this
> setup).  I’m starting to lose track of the consumer-unfriendly attitudes
> I’ve experienced from Apple.  Their version of Java 6 is late,
> incomplete, and lazy."
> Dunno if there is already a 64bit version of Eclipse around. But maybe
> that would anyways bring in new problems...
> Hauke

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