[kepler-dev] what's the deal with org.kepler.loader.InitClassPath?

Tristan King tristan.king at jcu.edu.au
Wed Oct 29 16:19:39 PDT 2008

Good to hear this is being left behind :)I'm against having to ship ant with
Kepler to manage the classpath tho.

I would think that the classpath in a release version should be fairly
static, and thus not need to be dynamically generated with each
release. Have a look at the "Class-Path" setting in the jar manifest file.
If you added this setting to the release version of the kepler.jar (which
ant can do automatically for you) then this should solve any classpath
woes. The only issue then is if people want to add custom libraries to a
release build install without rebuilding the kepler jar. And anyone
requiring the dynamic classpath creation for development reasons, should be
using the development version.

As for Jython, I think the actor is a bit ridiculous, and possibly the
reason why it's not used much. I mean, you basically have to know how to
write an actor, how to wrap data in a token and all that jazz just to be
able to use it. The only thing it really provides is pseudo coded I've built
a replacement which is much more "script" like (similar to the Expression
actor, but allowing multiple outputs) and requires no knowledge of how to
program an actor. I just need to figure out how to make the editor appear
like the current python script actor and write tests for it, then i'll make
it available for people to play with.

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