[kepler-dev] How to get email about discussion on https://dev.kepler-project.org/

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Oct 28 09:55:09 PDT 2008

Cool! An RSS feed is a start.  The feed is at

I'd prefer an RSS feed of just the recent messages, but this will help.

I made some suggestions on the collaboration tools page.  I had looked
around for an RSS feed, but did not find it and for some reason did not
try search.

If we have an email feed, then it is likely that Edward would see the 
traffic.  I suggest an email feed of the recent messages is more useful
than an email feed of recent changes.


Chad Berkley wrote:
> Hey Christopher,
> Do you use Thunderbird?  If so, version 2.x allows you to add RSS feeds 
> directly into the folder view on the left (Thanks Jianwu for the tip!). 
>  New messages appear as new "mail" messages in the RSS folder.  If not, 
> I've been bugging our tech guys for weeks to get the email thing 
> working.  I'll ask about it again today.
> chad

Bertram wrote:
> I second this request.
> I've set up an RSS feed in my google reader for the time being.
> But email feed would be much preferred...

> Christopher Brooks wrote:
>> It looks like there are some interesting discussions on
>> https://dev.kepler-project.org/,
>> especially about the build system in
>> https://dev.kepler-project.org/developers/keper-development-forum/build-and-release-team 
>> Is there any way to get a mail interface to this?
>> I will not be able to regularly check a website, I just don't have
>> time,  it is not how I work and since I've not been successful in
>> checking the site lately, I'm not likely to do so in the future.
>> So, if there is no mail feed, and there are items on which I might be
>> able to help, please send me a email so that I can take a look.
>> I do something similar for Edward and the comp.soft-sys.ptolemy
>> newsgroup because we knew Edward was never going to get around
>> to looking at the newsgroup.
>> I'm interested in the build issues, there is much common ground
>> here.
>> _Christopher

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