[kepler-dev] kepler build broken due to changes with ptolemy's port and relation getWidth() function

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Nov 3 13:15:57 PST 2008

Thanks, Christopher, for fixing those things.

This discussion obviously brings up the age-old discussion of whether Kepler
should build against a release point in ptII or the head of ptII.  I think
our new strategy for modularization argues that we should be building
against specific component versions and keeping those updated as needed.
Although its useful to be able to specify a specific release point in
ptolemy and reliably build against it, I think we also need to be sure we
are tracking the improvements in ptolemy and moving our standard build
forward to new ptolemy release points as bugs are fixed and new features are
incorporated.  We'll need to consider this in the new build system as it


On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 11:59 AM, Christopher Brooks
<cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu>wrote:

> Hi Tristan,
> Ok, there were only a few places to fix the calls to getWidth(), which
> I did.  Kepler now runs for me.
> We considered not changing getWidth(), but it just seemed wrong to
> have it not throw an IllegalActionException.  This is the hazard of
> modifying preexisting code - things break.
> The bug that is being fixed is at
> https://chess.eecs.berkeley.edu/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=164
> _Christopher
> Christopher Brooks wrote:
>> Hi Tristan,
>> Sorry about the lossage, it looks like the Kepler automatic build is
>> erroneously reporting that the build works properly.
>> I started fixing build problems, but I'm not sure how many problems
>> there are.  My write access to the kepler tree seems to be disabled, so
>> I can't check in my changes right now.  It could be something simple
>> on my end.
>> I've cc'd Bert Rodiers, who is responsible for the width inference work.
>> The width inference work is important because it fixes a long standing
>> usability issue surround multiport composite actors.
>> Bert, could you check out the svn head Kepler head and build it against
>> the latest ptII head and get a sense of how many changes are required
>> to update Kepler?  The instructions are at
>> http://www.kepler-project.org/Wiki.jsp?page=DevelopmentForKepler
>> I suggest building with Eclipse even though building with Eclipse is
>> somewhat complex as the Eclipse build will tell you the total number of
>> errors, but "ant -k run-dev" halts at the first error.
>> Also, can someone look at the Kepler automatic build and see why it
>> is not reporting failures like:
>> compile-dev:
>>    [javac] Compiling 972 source files to
>> c:\tmp\cxh\src\kepler\build\classes
>>    [javac]
>> c:\tmp\cxh\src\kepler\build\src\org\ecoinformatics\seek\gis\gdal\GDALTranslateActor.java:131:
>> unre
>> ported exception ptolemy.kernel.util.IllegalActionException; must be
>> caught or declared to be thrown
>>    [javac]             "input width was" + inputFilename.getWidth());
>>    [javac]                                                       ^
>>    [javac] Note: Some input files use or override a deprecated API.
>> _Christopher
>> Tristan King wrote:
>>> I reverted both kepler and ptolemy back to the day before the change to
>>> ptolemy (which from the logs seems to be the 20th of Nov). I tried to just
>>> put ptolemy back to that date, but there seems to be other changes to kepler
>>> that depend on future ptolemy code.
>>> so from the command line i did:
>>> cd $PTII && svn switch svn+ssh://
>>> source.eecs.berkeley.edu/home/svn/chess/ptII/trunk <
>>> http://source.eecs.berkeley.edu/home/svn/chess/ptII/trunk> -r
>>> {2008-10-20}
>>> which resulted in ptolemy revision 50844. Then:
>>> cd $KEPLER && svn switch
>>> https://code.kepler-project.org/code/kepler/trunk -r {2008-10-20}
>>> which gave kepler revision 8114. After that "ant full-clean ptolemy jar"
>>> finished succsessfully.
>>> The kepler/ptolemy guys may be able to find more recent revisions that
>>> work, I've wasted too much of the day playing with this already and need to
>>> get onto some real work :).
>>> Hope this helps
>>> -Tristan
>>> On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 2:06 PM, <Peter.Fitch at csiro.au> wrote:
>>>    Hi Tristan,
>>>    Good to know.  Do you know which versions of kepler and ptolemy
>>>    currently compile?
>>>    Cheers
>>>    Peter
>>>    On 3/11/08 2:48 PM, "Tristan King" <tristan.king at jcu.edu.au
>>>    <mailto:tristan.king at jcu.edu.au>> wrote:
>>>    Hi all,
>>>    Just thought i'd let everyone know that kepler no longer compiles
>>>    against the current trunk of ptolemy.
>>>    I think this brings up a bit of an issue. Is the plan with the
>>>    kepler trunk to always compile against the ptolemy trunk? If not,
>>>    then the INSTALL.TXT file should probably be updated to specify the
>>>    revision to use, or maybe ptolemy should be pulled down by svn
>>>    external when pulling down kepler (I think this may have been
>>>    discussed tho, and was decided to not be a good idea, I don't
>>>    remember why). an svn external would make sure every kepler
>>>    developer is working with the same revision of ptolemy, and since
>>>    you can specify a specific revision for the external, someone could
>>>    be responsible for integration of new ptolemy revisions into kepler
>>>    and avoid problems like this one.
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