[kepler-dev] org.kepler.moml.DocumentationAttribute

Edward A. Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Mar 6 13:42:27 PST 2008


A better approach may be to replace the class with one that overrides
exportMoML() to return an empty string. This way, legacy models
still open, and if they are modified and saved, the attribute is gone.


At 10:23 AM 3/6/2008, Chad Berkley wrote:
>Hey Norbert,
>You should remove that attribute from your workflows.  I was trying to 
>purge everything of that attribute since we no longer use it.
>Norbert Podhorszki wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have just updated a Kepler source, recompiled and installed everything.
>> Suddenly, my workflows do not run because of the class
>> org.kepler.moml.DocumentationAttribute has been removed.
>> A quick check in kepler/workflows directory
>> (grep -r moml.DocumentAttribute .) reveals that there are loads of workflows
>> (maybe never used) that refer to this class.
>> So can I 
>> - put this class back, or
>> - just search and replace in all my workflows this string with another
>> appropriate class name (so that it will work), or
>> - what?
>> I just kept recently a deprecated actor class in place for the sake of old
>> workflows, and named the new version as actor_v1_1 but it was useless if old
>> workflows cannot even be opened or executed.
>> Thanks
>> Norbert
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