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Tristan King tristan.king at jcu.edu.au
Thu Jul 17 20:54:29 PDT 2008

Hi Dawid,
Hydrant was developed with python purely for prototyping reasons. It would
be maybe 2 weeks work to translate all the python backend code into java,
and I would be happy to collaborate with you to do this. The only problem
would be the interface. You would have to write a new one using your java
web-framework of choice.

However, I don't plan to build any more on top of Hydrant in it's current
state. What I want to do is separate the backend execution out from Hydrant
and have it run as it's own service. This service could then be accessed
using some form of web services (i.e. SOAP) by Hydrant or any other
front-end portal. I hope to get the community involved in building something
like this, as there seems to be a lot of people interested in it, and there
has already been a lot of work done in separate instances towards such
technology, it would be great if we can work together to build something
that everyone can use rather then a whole number of different solutions.
Unfortunately there has not been a lot of response to my initial attempts to
get such a project going, and i've since been distracted working on the
other various things i want to see put into ptolemy/kepler.

I will try and get back onto this next week and perhaps get some
requirements and such up on the wiki.


2008/7/17 dejw <dejw at man.poznan.pl>:

>  Hi Jianwu again,
> I want to ask more about this below:
> 3. Actor repository - I understand that it is possible to have one common
> actor repository for some organization? Kepler uses LDAP for it? Are there
> some access rights for actors or something like this? Is it possible to
> grant some roles to users when LDAP authentication is used? Is it possible
> to require login while starting Kepler?
>      You can find the current actor repository at
> http://library.kepler-project.org/kepler/. Yet it is not widely used
> currently. We are trying implement more comprehensive actor repository
> mechanism.
>   1. So you use LDAP server to store actors? or something else?
> 2. How about access rights and user roles as regard access to actors in
> such repository?
> 3. I understand I can deploy such repository inside some organization and
> configure kepler to use it?
> 4. Can I set kepler to require login before start editor? to recognize user
> somehow?
> Dawid
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