[kepler-dev] question about kepler

dejw dejw at man.poznan.pl
Thu Jul 17 01:50:43 PDT 2008

Hi Jianwu again,

I want to ask more about this below:
>> 3. Actor repository - I understand that it is possible to have one 
>> common actor repository for some organization? Kepler uses LDAP for 
>> it? Are there some access rights for actors or something like this? 
>> Is it possible to grant some roles to users when LDAP authentication 
>> is used? Is it possible to require login while starting Kepler?
>      You can find the current actor repository at 
> http://library.kepler-project.org/kepler/. Yet it is not widely used 
> currently. We are trying implement more comprehensive actor repository 
> mechanism.
1. So you use LDAP server to store actors? or something else?

2. How about access rights and user roles as regard access to actors in 
such repository?

3. I understand I can deploy such repository inside some organization 
and configure kepler to use it?

4. Can I set kepler to require login before start editor? to recognize 
user somehow?


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