[kepler-dev] [Bug 3115] - Need to check Kepler for memory leaks

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This thread concerning memory leaks might be of use:

Jackie wrote:

I narrowed down the memory leak a bit and found out one main cause. It looks
like it's coming from executing MoML change requests. For example, issuing
multiple calls like NamedObj.requestChange(new MoMLChangeRequest(....))
would quickly overflow the memory.


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Subject: Re: Increasing memory usage after running multiple rounds of test

> Hi Jackie,
> Welcome to the world of memory leaks.
> See $PTII/doc/coding/performance.htm
> Calling MoMLParser.reset and MoMLParser.purgeAllModelRecords()
> might not free up all memory.  It is easier to look
> and see what memory is leaking and fix it than it is
> to try to figure it out without leakage data.
> Definitely try to work within a non-gui environment at first.
> Using the test environment is the way to go.
> There are several products available.
> Check  out HP's JMeter, which is free.
> See also JProfiler and JProbe.
> We can buy copies of these products, though it might take awhile
> to do so.
> Can you look over $PTII/doc/coding/performance.htm
> and updated it as necessary?
> _Christopher
> --------
>    Christopher,
>    I have been chasing a memory leak problem that causes the tcl script to
>    crash during regression testing. The jvm basically throws a
>    OutOfMemoryException and stop functioning for subsequent tests. This
>    happens even if i call MomlParser.purgeAllModelRecord() and
>    MomlParser.reset() in-between all the tests. Some memory is not being
>    released but i am not sure what. I put in some print statements and
>    found that the amount of memory leak is highly non-uniform (i.e. some
>    model tests have zero leak). Plus, i found that the order in which these
>    models get run change the amount of leak for a particular model test as
>    well.
>    I think there are two possibilities: one is because Ptolemy II is
>    caching the actors, which is unlikely because i think calling
>    MomlParser.purgeAllModelRecord() and MomlParser.reset() would have
>    solved the problem, if that's the case. Another possibility i thought of
>    is that some of the tokens may be cached by the software so it can reuse
>    them for future computation and be efficient. However, i don't seem find
>    any code doing that. Any suggestions?
>    --jackie

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