[kepler-dev] request to review documentation

Matthew Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Jan 24 10:55:13 PST 2008


This is a request for you to review the Kepler documentation that will 
be included with the release.

Kirsten Menger-Anderson has done most of the work on writing the user 
documentation, and she's done a terrific job with input from a few 
people (Kepler developers and some scientists).   We should all thank 
Kirsten for her tremendous effort on our behalf.  She has produced three 
major pieces:

1) Kepler Getting Started Guide,
2) Kepler User Manual, and
3) Kepler Actor Documentation.

At this point, we could really use your feedback on these documents, but 
especially on the User Manual. This document is a reference manual that 
is intended to completely describe the system and provide people with a 
detailed understanding of how to use Kepler (its over 300 pages).  I 
have created a zip file with all of the chapters of the document, and 
placed it on the web:


(Its also in CVS under kepler-docs/user/UserManual/)

Please download the document, turn on 'Track Changes' in word, and 
provide comments to help improve the documentation.  When done, zip up 
your documents and send an email to Kirsten to arrange how to get the 
zip file to her (its probably too large for email). She will try to 
merge all of the revisions into the final documentation.

The actor documentation was also a major effort, and is now available 
within Kepler by clicking on 'Documentation -> Display' for each actor. 
  We are considering including all of the actor descriptions in an 
indexed pdf document in addition to the access via the Kepler UI.  Your 
thoughts on this would also be appreciated, as well as any 
revisions/additions to the actor documentation.

Matthew B. Jones
Director of Informatics Research and Development
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS)
UC Santa Barbara
jones at nceas.ucsb.edu                       Ph: 1-907-523-1960

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