[kepler-dev] bug squashing day begins

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Wed Jan 23 09:11:34 PST 2008

Hi Everyone,
    Note also that we have a DevLunch scheduled for today at MSI at 
12:30. Shaun Walbridge will talk about NCEAS Collaboration sites


Matthew Jones wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> The bug fixing day that I announced last week has arrived.  Please take 
> some time today and help improve the Kepler system so that we have a 
> great release.  We need help finding bugs, fixing bugs, testing whether 
> fixes work, and reviewing and revising documentation.  So join us.  My 
> instructions from last week are:
>> Here's how it will work. On January 23, please log into the #kepler IRC
>> channel on irc.ecoinformatics.org to coordinate with other developers.
>> Then take a look at the current bugs targeted for the release and choose
>> one that you want to tackle:
>> http://bugzilla.ecoinformatics.org/buglist.cgi?product=Kepler&target_milestone=1.0.0rc1&target_milestone=1.0.0&bug_status=NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=REOPENED&order=bugs.target_milestone,bugs.bug_severity,bugs.priority&columnlist=bug_severity,priority,assigned_to,bug_status,target_milestone,short_short_desc
>> Open the bug, and read to the end of the comments. If nobody else has
>> taken the bug yet, please assign it to yourself, adding a comment that
>> you are taking the bug for Bug Day so that others can tell you are
>> working on it. Fix the bug. Ask for help on IRC #kepler if you need it.
>> Help others on #kepler IRC if you can. Also, if you find other bugs that
>> you think should be fixed for the releases, enter them in Bugzilla and
>> discuss them on IRC. We'll all celebrate when the bug count for the
>> release hits 0.
> Of course, please continue finding and fixing bugs even after today!
> Thanks in advance for your contributions,
> Matt

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