[kepler-dev] port direction

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Jan 22 10:28:27 PST 2008

Hello Izabell,

Yes, you can do this.  You just need to add an StringAttribute to the 
port called "_cardinal".  The value will either be "NORTH", "SOUTH", 
"EAST" or "WEST" which determines which side of the actor the port shows 
up on.  Here's what it will look like in the moml:

<port name="input" class="ptolemy.actor.TypedIOPort">
             <property name="input"/>
             <property name="_cardinal"

In the code it would be something like this:

TypedIOPort ioport = new TypedIOPort(someActor, "input");
StringAttribute sa = new StringAttribute(ioport, "_cardinal");

Hope that helps.


Izabell Caraconcea wrote:
> Hello All,
> I would like to change the position of a port in the source code, not in 
> the workflow. Is that possible?
> Thank you,
> Izabell
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