[kepler-dev] fix for ptolemy matlab actor

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Jan 16 11:46:08 PST 2008

Hi Ian,
Thanks, the change looks good, I folded it into the tree.
We should be doing a beta release at the end of this month, so your
change is very timely.

Matlab failing after the second run has been a long standing issue.  

    I've just started using the ptolemy matlab expression actor
    (ptolemy.matlab.Expression) and I was finding the problem that
    multiple runs would cause a crash.
    You could always run a model once but if you invoked it a second
    time without restarting ptolemy (i.e. press run, stop, run, stop)
    it would crash when stopping the second run.
    I tracked down the issue to ptmatlab.cc in the routine
    Java_ptolemy_matlab_Engine_ptmatlabEngClose. It was deleting the
    output buffer before closing the matlab engine and without letting
    the matlab engine know not to use it. A solution would be to
    either call engOutputBuffer(ep, NULL, 0) before destroying the
    memory, or to simply delay destroying the memory until after the
    matlab engine instance is closed. I chose the latter and now I can
    run it fine without any crashes.
    I have attached my version of ptmatlab.cc. It has this change plus
    a few fflush(stdout) statements after the logging printfs. This is
    important as without them the java and the C log will use
    different buffers and you cannot verify the correct calling order.

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