[kepler-dev] [Bug 3129] - links exist to ptII demos that do not work

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Tue Feb 5 18:47:11 PST 2008


------- Comment #1 from cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu  2008-02-05 18:47 -------
If you tell me what demos to exclude, I can update 
completeDemosPtinyKepler.htm in the rel-7-0-beta-2 branch and the trunk

That file is derived from completeDemos.htm by running "make update"
in that directory.  What links end up in completeDemosPtinyKepler.htm
is determined by file directives 

I excluded SmartSender from completeDemosPtinyKepler, 
both the ptII trunk and the rel-7-0-beta-2,
though I'm not sure why SmartSender is not in Kepler1.0.0rc1.
However, I think it is fine not to include it.
Below is my original post about the missing demo.

> * The Splashscreen has a "Documentation" link that leads to
> "Background information" on Ptolemy.
> Background information leads to completePtinyKeplerDemos.htm
> which has a link under DE to SmartSender
> ptolemy/domains/de/demo/SmartSender/SmartSender.xml is not found.
> To check for this, go to the Ptolemy copyright link and click
> "Other copyrights about this configuration"
> which goes to another page, click
> "Other information about this configuration" on the new page
> Then click "Open the .htm, .html, .xml and pdf" for
> completeDemosPtinyKepler.htm.

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