[kepler-dev] [Bug 3131] - R is not added to the path

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Feb 5 13:47:31 PST 2008

Hey Dan,

The R actor seems to work fine, but we have that one workflow 
(08-CommandLine) that uses the ExternalExec actor to fire R which 
doesn't work unless R is in the path.  Maybe I should just change that 
to an R actor.


bugzilla-daemon at ecoinformatics.org wrote:
> http://bugzilla.ecoinformatics.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3131
> ------- Comment #1 from higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu  2008-02-05 13:40 -------
> You should not need to add R to the path if it is installed with the installer.
> If the R.zip is installed inside $KEPLER, the RExpression actor will find it.
> If not installed inside Kepler, it will need to be on the path (and adding
> something to the Path permanently is not easy in Windows). 
> Dan
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