[kepler-dev] kepler actors repository and LDAP authentication

dejw dejw at man.poznan.pl
Fri Aug 29 04:49:05 PDT 2008


1. MS Active Directory:
I saw that the kepler actor's repository authenticates user against LDAP
server (for example if I want to put there some actor definition).
I wonder if it is possible to configure kepler to use Microsoft Active
Directory which is as I know in fact some LDAP kind of server.
Did someone tried to use it with Kepler?

2. Authentication and authorization as regard repository:
How works generally the repository access ? There is some authentication
module which takes LDAP login and later stores objects on behalf of some
If I have LDAP user: UserA then if object is put inside the LDAP the
name of the user is also stored in the repository? I understand yes?
Because there is a Private role so then a user name is  persisted?
So if I would like to access the repository from some external module -
there is some web service which takes LDAP credentials and return
objects only for the given user?
If there is object inside the repository with the Public role then user
name is not checked or something?

3. Is there any API available to use the repository: search for objects,
manage objects etc.

4. Is there any simple tutorial how to setup and configure own kepler


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