[kepler-dev] new Kepler developer's site

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Aug 21 12:30:37 PDT 2008

We're happy to announce that initial work on a new Kepler's developer
collaboration site is complete and we are making the site available for use
by the Kepler community. While we have many things we'd still like to do to
improve the site, we feel it will be useful in its current state and so we
are releasing it today.


The site is organized along topical functional areas of Kepler.  The site
contains working areas for three new core teams in Kepler: the Build and
Release Team, the Framework Team, and the User Representation and Outreach
Team.  Materials explaining the mission of those teams are in development
and can be reviewed on the site.  In addition, we've set up working areas
for both a Distributed Execution Interest Group and a Web User Interface
Interest Group.  The materials for these sites are being developed as well.

In addition to better organization, the new site provides two new features
for Kepler collaboration:
1) An editable space for sharing web pages and other documents
2) A forum for each of the groups that provides an hourly RSS feed

Current Kepler developers with SVN accounts can log in and contribute to the
site using their SVN username and password.

We will be moving the existing  materials from the current 'For Developers'
section of the Kepler web site into the new collaboration area over time.
And eventually we will be moving the whole Kepler web site into this new
framework, but that will take some time for content development.

Special thanks to Shaun Walbridge and Debi Staggs at NCEAS for putting
together the Plone infrastructure for this site.  They'll be monitoring the
forums for feedback about the effectiveness of the site, and trying to make
improvements as we go.


Matthew B. Jones
Director of Informatics Research and Development
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS)
UC Santa Barbara
jones at nceas.ucsb.edu Ph: 1-907-523-1960
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