[kepler-dev] Maven and Ptolemy

Tristan King tristan.king at jcu.edu.au
Tue Aug 19 23:06:30 PDT 2008

Attached is a patch for the pom.xml which "should" make it work.The main
problem is to do with the jjtree javacc and antlr generated files being
stored in the svn repo, and being generated again at compile time, resulting
in duplicate classes. I just added a heap of excludes to avoid the stored
files and only use the generated files.

There's also another problem with how jjtree/javacc are generating the files
when using project.basedir is used as the source directory. The exclude list
is much much smaller if you use the structure created by "make maven". I
don't know enough about jjtree/javacc to explain why this is happening, but
it seems like jjtree is finding all the files the jjt refers to that are in
the same directory and copies them to the generated-sources directory, thus
creating the duplicate classes. This doesn't happen when the jjtree source
files are in a seperate directory from the .java files. Maybe the people who
actually work on the jjtree/javacc stuff can explain better why this might
be happening.

Anyways, this patch allows me to run "mvn compile" and "mvn exec:exec".

Tristan King
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James Cook University, Townsville Qld 4811

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