[kepler-dev] subclassing actors: ptolemy.actor.lib.MonitorValue

Edward A. Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Sat Aug 16 09:35:46 PDT 2008

BTW, the reason for this design is to keep gui-dependent code separate
from core library code.  This allows, for example, filtering of gui-dependent
classes to run headless.


At 10:15 AM 8/15/2008, Christopher Brooks wrote:
>Hi Paul,
>ptolemy/actor/lib/genericsinks.xml defines the icon:
><entity name="MonitorValue" class="ptolemy.actor.lib.MonitorValue">
><doc>Monitor and display values</doc>
>   <property name="displayWidth" class="ptolemy.data.expr.Parameter" value="20"/>
>   <property name="_icon" class="ptolemy.vergil.icon.UpdatedValueIcon">
>      <property name="attributeName" value="value"/>
>      <property name="displayWidth" value="displayWidth"/>
>   </property>
>I added a note to MonitorValue that refers to genericsinks.xml
>Paul Allen wrote:
>>I'm trying to add some additional functionality to ptolemy.actor.lib.MonitorValue. I created a subclass BAPMonitorValue that does nothing but have the BAPMonitorValue(CompositeEntity container, String name) constructor calling, super(container, name). When I open Kepler and use Tools->Instantiate Component and add my actor to the work area, my actor looks completely different from the normal MonitorValue actor.
>>Here's the question: How does ptolemy.actor.lib.MonitorValue get its look and GUI functionality (i.e., showing it's current value)? It's not defined in the ptolemy.actor.lib.MonitorValue class (or super classes) as far as I can tell.
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