[kepler-dev] [Fwd: Re: [kepler-users] Running Kepler from the commandline]

Daniel Crawl crawl at sdsc.edu
Wed Apr 30 13:31:30 PDT 2008

Hi Norbert, Niels,

ParameterSet is in the actor tree, so Tools/Instantiate is
not necessary.


Norbert Podhorszki wrote:
> Hi Niels,
> I do not know if you can pass parameters at start-up, but there is a
> ptolemy.actor.parameters.ParameterSet attribute
> That can read a text file at start-up and create parameters in the 
> workflow from its content.
> You can put this attribute into the workflow through Tools/Instantiate 
> Attribute
> The parameters defined in the text file should not be created as 
> Parameters in the workflow as well, because the latter ones shadow the 
> former ones.
> However, you can create in the ParameterSet’s dialog a parameter with 
> a value, which becomes the default value if that parameter happens NOT 
> to be defined in the text file.
> You can put the text file to the same place as the workflow and refer 
> to it in ParameterSet without an absolute path (it does not look for 
> it in the current dir but in the dir of the workflow).
> The text file format is the simplest: “parameter=value” lines, # is 
> allowed for comments
> You can use the defined parameters in the definition of other 
> parameters; they are evaluated after all are read in.
> As far as I know, Dan is going to fix the start-up scripts so that you 
> will be able to run workflows from command-line on any platform.
> I am using my own script on Linux for the same purpose and I can give 
> it to you but that is not part of the repository (and is .sh only not 
> .bat).
> Best regards
> Norbert
> Norbert Podhorszki
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> On 4/30/08 12:21 PM, "Matthew Jones" <jones at nceas.ucsb.edu> wrote:
>     Forwarding a request regarding the command line actor...
>     Matt
>     *From: *niels hoffmann <_nielslcr at gmail.com_>
>     *Date: *Wed, 30 Apr 2008 14:51:26 +1200
>     *To: *Matthew Jones <_jones at nceas.ucsb.edu_>
>     *Subject: *Re: [kepler-users] Running Kepler from the commandline
>     Hi Matt,
>     Forwarding would be very kind.
>     Thank you,
>     Niels Hoffmann
>     On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 9:52 AM, Matthew Jones
>     <_jones at nceas.ucsb.edu_> wrote:
>         I'm not sure. Could redirect your question to Danial Crawl
>         (who's on both kepler-dev and kepler-users mailing lists), as
>         he wrote the new shell script and will definitely know whether
>         you can pass parameters as you asked? Thanks,
>         Matt
>         niels hoffmann wrote:
>             Hi Matt,
>             Thanks for your answer.
>             I downloaded the kepler20080428 nightly build and you are
>             right the new kepler.bat is much easier and clearer to
>             work with.
>             I do have one other question though. Is it possible to
>             pass in parameters on the commandline to a workflow?
>             Like: kepler.bat -runwf -nocache
>             c:\temp\kepler_cmd_webservice.xml <argument1> <argument2>
>             If so what would be the correct syntax?
>             Kind regards,
>             Niels Hoffmann
>             Hi Niels,
>             Its probably a classpath problem that could be fixed by
>             modifying the shell script. I'm not sure of the state of
>             the script in the rc3 release. We've had a lot of trouble
>             with this, so Dan Crawl has been working on refactoring
>             the startup scripts for Kepler so that there is a single
>             shell script that can launch with or without a GUI. This
>             is checked into the current development version of Kepler,
>             can be found in the nightly builds, and will be released
>             with Kepler 1.0.0 within the next few weeks. I think you
>             will find this new version of the scripts substantially
>             more robust and easier to work with.
>             Matt
>             niels hoffmann wrote:
>                 Hi List,
>                 We have a need to run Kepler without user interface.
>                 We basically want to call a workflow from a portlet.
>                 I've read the doco on the website that says you need
>                 to replace org.kepler.gui.KeplerApplication with
>                 ptolemy.actor.gui.MoMLSimpleApplication in the batch file.
>                 However, if I do that I get a
>                 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError.
>                 The other suggestion is to build using ant, but the
>                 build.xml doesn't seem to have a build_momlexecute target?
>                 Is the documentation on the website not up to date
>                 with the 1.0 rc3 version and do I actually need to do
>                 something different or is something else the problem?
>                 Kind regards,
>                 Niels Hoffmann
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