[kepler-dev] [Bug 2990] - file|open dialog should open in workflows directory

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Wed Apr 23 15:47:51 PDT 2008


cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu changed:

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------- Comment #3 from cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu  2008-04-23 15:47 -------
I'm reopening this bug because if the user uses the kepler.sh script
then having File->Open open kepler/demos is odd.  Instead we should
open the current directory where the user invoked kepler.sh.

The same is probably true for kepler.bat and kepler.exe.   We might
want to consider creating a bin directory and placing these scripts
and exes in that directory so that the user can place $KEPLER/bin
in their path.

My rationale on this is that if you think about how a user works on a system,
they are probably working on workflows in their own directory, not 
in kepler/demos/.  

There is a difference between when a program is invoked from the command
line and when it is invoked from a menu choice.
- If a command is invoked from the command line, then File -> Open should
open the current directory
- If the command is invoked from a menu choice, then the File -> Open
should ideally open the last directory that was opened (even in a previous
run).  Or, having kepler/demos opened is a reasonable work around.

These are just my $0.02.  This bug was closed before we had kepler.sh and

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