[kepler-dev] [Bug 3097] - incorrect classpath in generated ptexecute.sh and momlexecute.sh

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Mon Apr 21 14:05:02 PDT 2008


------- Comment #7 from crawl at sdsc.edu  2008-04-21 14:05 -------
I moved the wfexecute functionality into kepler.sh and kepler.bat.

Remaining tasks:

1. kepler.bat functionality should be moved into kepler.exe. I tried building
kepler.exe, but Launch4J fails:

C:\k\kepler>ant buildwinexe
Buildfile: build.xml

 [launch4j] Compiling resources
 [launch4j] c:\program files\Launch4J\bin\windres.exe:
C:\DOCUME~1\a\LOCALS~1\Temp\launch4j39769rc:4: syntax error

C:\k\kepler\build.xml:1622: net.sf.launch4j.BuilderException:
net.sf.launch4j.ExecException: Exec failed: [Ljava.lang.String;@1dfafd1

2. (from comment #6) pause before exiting when running with '-gui'.

3. running with '-nogui' means running MoMLSimpleApplication:
  - '-nogui -cache' is not possible since MoMLSimpleApplication does not read a
    Configuration (cache is loaded via a Configuration).
  - MoMLSimpleApplication does not filter Display actor or any GUI Kepler

#2 and #3 are enhancements since they would be new functionality. After #1 is
resolved, I'd say re-target the remaining to the 1.1 release.

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