[kepler-dev] [Bug 3195] - Check all documentation for 1.0 release

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Thu Apr 17 17:01:29 PDT 2008


------- Comment #2 from berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu  2008-04-17 17:01 -------
page 13: Kepler 1.0 is based on the Jan 31 ... 
It's based on Ptolemy 7 beta 2

page 13: cheminformatics
is that the right word?

page 14: visual editor based on java
It's written in java, not based on it.

page 15: toplevel
should be "top level"

page 16: version 1 was released Feb 28, 2008
May 2, 2008 (at this point)

page 18: To create an anonymous...
The commands are not creating an account, they are using the anonymous account
check out kepler from the CVS server.  It should read something like 
"To anonymously check out the Kepler source code..."
This section should probably also have the commands needed, i.e.
export CVS_RSH=ssh
export CVSROOT=:ext:anonymous at cvs.ecoinformatics.org:/cvs
cvs checkout kepler

page 19: documentation is in the kepler-docs module...
should this be in courier?  Maybe just a side note or something

page 19: typo: ...account to be able to do register.

page 22: 296 MB
change to 300 MB

page 22: CPU 2 GHz
either this needs to be "CPU:..." or it should be "2 GHz CPU..."

page 22: it looks like there are some missing dashes after "Network
and "R software..."

page 23: the version of R that is distributed with kepler is now 2.6.2

page 24: screen shots say RC1 on them.  might want to redo them.

page 24: wrong verison of R (2.4.0)

page 25: we are now distributing a version of kepler for the mac with R

page 25: download instructions for the mac installer are wrong. It will be 
distributed as a jar file, which can be double clicked on, but there is 
no decompression step.  Also, no shortcut will appear on the desktop for the

page 26: need to redo the linux installer section when that installer is done

page 26: the kepler icon will not be on the desktop for the mac.  it will be
in Applications/Kepler.  The user can drag it to the desktop or the dock if
he/she desires.

page 34: 2.4.3 seems to indicate that there is only a search field for data
when there is a search field for components too

page 35: the heading for is widowed.  it should be down on 36.

page 36: "The Kepler EarthGrid".  This should be refered to as the EarthGrid, 
not the "kepler earthgrid".

page 37: "~" is not a command, it's a shortcut or alias.  the command to 
move to your home dir is 'cd ~'

page 37: telling a user to "manually empty the cached version" is dangerous. 
I don't think we should ever tell a user to delete stuff from the .kepler 

page 39: the 2.4.4 is widowed

page 41: should probably say "see ptolemy docs" when referring to changing
an actor to a class

page 42: is there a screenshot missing?  the navigation area section
seems empty

page 59: the font size gets strangely small above figure 3.14

page 60: figure 3.15, the caption is half bold, half normal

page 60: the chart is widowed

page 62: the text type in the table changes to courier in the arrayType 

page 73: 4.2.2 heading has two sizes of fonts

page 80: the caption for figure 4.10 is orphaned on the next page

page 81: $kepler should be kepler

page 85: figure 4.15 caption refers to the "kepler earthgrid".  should just be

page 89: kepler earthgrid

made it to page 103.  continue the rest tomorrow.

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