[kepler-dev] [Bug 2318] - Copyrights and licenses of subpackages need to be handled

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------- Comment #4 from mcphillips at ecoinformatics.org  2008-04-10 11:30 -------
David Welker is investigating the licenses for all 3rd-party jar files included
in Kepler. Not all of them are BSD compatible.   At least one is LGPL
(lib/jar/cipres/jacorb.jar).  We will be posting a list of all non-BSD jar
files shortly.  

Christopher Brooks, David Welker, and I talked on the phone about the LGPL
jars, and concluded that including these jars in Kepler 1.0 may be acceptable. 
To satisfy the LGPL terms we propose to:

(1) Include a list of these LGPL'd jar files both in the distribution and on
the Kepler web site.

(2) Provide links to the sources of the LGPL packages the jars come from,
hosting these packages on the Kepler web site to ensure availability.

(3) Employ the Ptolemy about:copyright facility Christopher mentioned
previously so that the copyrights and licenses of these jars can be readily
displayed at run time.

(In the future I propose that the core of Kepler, maintained and distributed by
the Kepler/CORE project, not depend on any LGPL packages, and that such
dependencies be limited to particular Kepler extensions.)

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