[kepler-dev] [Bug 3196] - Find/Change license on gpl/lgpl code

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Thu Apr 10 11:06:46 PDT 2008


------- Comment #8 from mcphillips at ecoinformatics.org  2008-04-10 11:06 -------
Source licenses update:

Jianting Zhang suggests removing GRASS support in cpp/gis/grass from the Kepler
distribution.  Comments?

Ilkay has agreed to have the sources in the org.geon package changed to BSD.

Chad has changed the licenses of the sources in the org.kepler.gui package to

Ilkay suggests removing the nmiworkflow package from Kepler. Any objections?

Ben Leinfelder has changed the license of util/PersistentTableModel.java to

With permission from John Harris, Chad has changed the licenses in Numeric
Solutions sources to be BSD-compatible.

Nathan Potter and James Gallagher have given us permission to distribute the
OPeNDAP sources in Kepler under a BSD license. The headers of the four sources
files still need to be changed.

In summary, the files that still need to be changed or deleted are now:

- cpp/gis/grass/GISHull/hull.cpp
- org/geon/GridOverlay.java
- org/geon/Interpolate.java
- org/nmiworkflow/GlobusJob.java
- org/nmiworkflow/GridFTP.java 
- org/kepler/dataproxy/datasource/opendap/DapTranslator.java 
- org/kepler/dataproxy/datasource/opendap/OpendapDataSource.java   
- org/kepler/dataproxy/datasource/opendap/OpendapDataSourceODC.java   
- org/kepler/dataproxy/datasource/opendap/TypeMapper.java 

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