[kepler-dev] Bug and release procedure

Timothy McPhillips tmcphillips at mac.com
Wed Apr 2 17:14:40 PDT 2008

Hi Chad, Christopher,

Am I correct in concluding that, for now, all development on the  
Kepler RELEASE-BRANCH-1-0-0 should be done against the rel-7-0-beta-2  
branch of ptII?

Also, is rel-7-0-beta-2 currently moving or has it been finalized?   
In other words, do we all need to periodically update our local  
copies of rel-7-0-beta-2?



On Apr 2, 2008, at 10:35 AM, Chad Berkley wrote:

> Hey Christopher,
> I just sent out an email with a bunch of info.  I'll answer your
> questions that I didn't answer below.
> Christopher Brooks wrote:
>> Sorry if this has been covered, but I have a couple of procedural
>> questions:
>> 1) What is the procedure for closing bugs?  On some projects,
>> a developer fixes the bug and then assigns the bug to QA, who
>> then verifies that the bug is fixed.  Are we doing this or
>> are developers closing bugs?  Either way works for me.
> If the dev is reasonably sure that the bug is fixed, just close  
> it.  If
> you want a 2nd opinion, please ask for one.
>> 2) Is KEPLER_1_0_0_RC1 the release branch?
>> I know there is an open bug to create a release branch, is this it?
>> 3) What is the procedure for getting changes into the release branch?
>> I'm fine with having only a few people checking things into the
>> release branch.
> I'm encouraging anyone who's working on a bug targeted at 1.0.0 to  
> check
> in to the branch only.  Regular development work that will not go into
> the release should be checked into the head.  In general, I'll be
> monitoring the check-ins and making sure they meet the criteria for
> branch checkins.
>> For example, I need
>> kepler/configs/ptolemy/configs/kepler/configuration.xml
>> updated in the release branch because it excludes CCodeGenerator
>> from the classes that for which we search.
>> Should we assign bugs that require changes in the release branch
>> to someone in particular?
>> Another change is that we should ship
>> org/ecoinformatics/util/DBConnection-JDK1.6-Java
>> which is a version of
>> org/ecoinformatics/util/DBConnection.java
>> that works with Java1.6.
>> To use this do:
>> cp org/ecoinformatics/util/DBConnection-JDK1.6-Java org/ 
>> ecoinformatics/util/DBConnection.java
>> 4) My plan is to ship Ptolemy II using the ptII rel-7-0-beta-2.
>> I'm fairly close to being ready to ship.
> Great, let me know when it's done so I can start getting it into the
> installer.
>> We could ship Kepler 1.0 with this branch or create another branch.
> As long as this one is stable and works with all of kepler's  
> functions,
> we can use it.  I don't really see a need for another one.
> chad
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