[kepler-dev] Kepler 1.0 Release

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Wed Apr 2 10:28:48 PDT 2008


For those of you who don't know, we're planning on releasing Kepler 1.0 
on April 25.  I have branched the CVS repository for the release.  All 
changes meant for the release should now be checked into the branch. 
The name of the branch is RELEASE-BRANCH-1-0-0 so you can do a 'cvs 
update -r RELEASE-BRANCH-1-0-0' to update your current sandbox to the 

Any changes that are not meant for the release, including almost 
anything that is not listed as a bug targeted at the 1.0.0 milestone in 
bugzilla, should be checked into the head.  Please do not add any 
experimental or new code to the branch as we are trying to keep this as 
stable as possible.

If there is anything you feel strongly about being in 1.0 that is not a 
bug targeted at 1.0, please send an email to the list and make your case 
for inclusion.  Since we've already had an RC1 release, nothing that 
wasn't in RC1 should be added to 1.0.

Here's the current schedule for 1.0:

April 18: all bugs (except for release and installer bugs) closed and 
changes checked in
April 14-24: debugging and installer building
April 25: release 1.0.

If it becomes necessary, we may push the release to April 2nd, but we 
are really shooting for April 24th.

There are a lot of bugs currently assigned to me.  If you'd like to 
volunteer to do any of those bugs, please let me know and I'll reassign 
them.  If you have spare cycles, please also let me know and I'll 
probably ask you to work on one of the easier bugs.

Write an email to the list if you've got any questions.


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