[kepler-dev] Bug and release procedure

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Apr 2 10:27:06 PDT 2008

Sorry if this has been covered, but I have a couple of procedural

1) What is the procedure for closing bugs?  On some projects,
a developer fixes the bug and then assigns the bug to QA, who
then verifies that the bug is fixed.  Are we doing this or
are developers closing bugs?  Either way works for me.

2) Is KEPLER_1_0_0_RC1 the release branch?
I know there is an open bug to create a release branch, is this it? 

3) What is the procedure for getting changes into the release branch?
I'm fine with having only a few people checking things into the
release branch.

For example, I need
updated in the release branch because it excludes CCodeGenerator
from the classes that for which we search.

Should we assign bugs that require changes in the release branch
to someone in particular?

Another change is that we should ship
which is a version of 
that works with Java1.6.

To use this do:

cp org/ecoinformatics/util/DBConnection-JDK1.6-Java org/ecoinformatics/util/DBConnection.java

4) My plan is to ship Ptolemy II using the ptII rel-7-0-beta-2.
I'm fairly close to being ready to ship.

We could ship Kepler 1.0 with this branch or create another branch.


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