[kepler-dev] [Bug 2934] - File Writer prints an extra line of output to System.out

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Thu Sep 6 15:17:44 PDT 2007


cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu changed:

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------- Comment #1 from cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu  2007-09-06 15:17 -------
It looks like kepler/src/org/geon/FileWrite.java has a system.out.println
that is printing the filename to standard out?

    /** Calls LineWriter's postfire and broadcasts the fileName.
    public boolean postfire() throws IllegalActionException {
        boolean ret = super.postfire();
        url.broadcast(new StringToken(fileName.asFile().getAbsolutePath()));
        return ret;

I've removed the println, so I'm closing this one.

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