[kepler-dev] Kepler Actors in vergil

Kenneth Evans evans at aps.anl.gov
Tue Oct 30 11:14:31 PDT 2007


>> there should be no problem instantiating a Kepler actor in Vergil

That's good.  I assume that means "in principal".  So in practice how would
I go about making one of the actors that comes with Kepler available so I
can use it in Vergil.  I assume these actors are in KAR files to start with.



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There's really no such thing as a "kepler" actor.  They all extend the 
same classes, so there should be no problem intantiating a kepler actor 
in vergil.


Kenneth Evans wrote:
> Hi,
> I suppose it's not feasible to use Kepler actors in Vergil?
>         -Ken
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> Hi Ken,
> Sorry about that, I did not realize there were two
> shutdown.bat files.
> I removed the shutdown.bat from x10/demo/MotorDrivenDemos.
> The errors I see are errors from not finding Ptolemy
> when compiling Kepler.
> I suspect the problem is spaces in the PTII path under
> Ant.
> The Ptolemy II makefiles work with spaces in the path,
> but they periodically break.
> I've not tried building Kepler with a space in the path.
> _Christopher
> --------
>     Hi,
>     This thread was in "RE: [kepler-users] (no subject)".  Sorry about the
> (no
>     subject).  It seems like it should be in kepler-dev, so I'm  making a
> new
>     thread.  Sorry about that, too.
>     Executive summary for the hurried:
>     1. Started completely over.
>     2. Still have problems with 1 shutdown.bat.
>     3. Ant build fails. Output attached.
>     4. Can get Kepler to launch anyway (after putting quotes around
>     etc. paths)
>     5. Kepler doesn't work right. Output attached.
>     6. Vergil works OK.
>     Details:
>     OK I started over.  Took longer than I remembered, and I was unable to
> do i
>    t
>     at home.  I thought the shutdown.bat problem was fixed, but there
> to
>     be one of the two still there.  This causes CVS to stop the checkout.
> go
>    t
>     around that by doing a synchronize, override and update, on individual
>     folders after what it did mange to complete.  I now only have a
> discrepancy
>     for ptII on:
>     ptolemy/actor/lib/x10/demo/MotorDrivenDemos/shutdown.bat
>     I followed the Eclipse instructions.  I did not change the .classpath
> and I
>     did not turn on build automatically.  I just did the Ant build with
>     full-clean Ptolemy buildkarlib run-dev and KEPLER and PTII defined.
> ran
>     out of memory.  I then fixed the build to use -Xmx256M.
>     It then failed.  The output is attached.  I must have done something
> wrong,
>     but I don't see it.
>     I then copied the .classpath.default to .classpath for Kepler, not
> I
>     still get the 11 errors.
>     Unlike the others I can't run the launcher after saying OK to proceed
> with
>     launch.
>     The first reason was that I needed to put quotes around the
> of
>     DKEPLER and DPTII since my projects are in My Documents and the path
>     spaces.  (I probably could have set the environment in the launcher
> instead
>     of specifying command-line arguments.)  This should probably be added
> th
>    e
>     instructions.
>     After that it still doesn't run.  The output is attached.  It has
> problems
>     with the archives that are probably related to spaces in the
> (I
>     will say ahead of time that I will be resistant to moving my Eclipse
>     workspace. ;-)
>     In ptII I copied .classpath.default to .classpath.  I set up a
> for
>     Vergil and it works OK.  It even finds and uses my actors out of my
> Eclipse
>     actor project.
>             -Ken
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>     Dan,
>     I did a synchronize with the Ptolemy CVS and found no discrepancies.
> did
>     this on Saturday.  That site is changing, however, and would now show
>     differences.
>     The second problem (also mentioned in a previous post) is that MacAfee
>     immediately removes shutdown.bat (2) during CVS updates or checkouts.
> This
>     seems to foul up CVS.  According to our IT department, shutdown.bat
> could b
>    e
>     changed as follows:
>     McAfee seems to only detect:
>     "C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown -r -t 0 -f"
>     and if you change the string slightly:
>     "C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown -r -t 1 -f"
>     or:
>     "C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown -r -f -t 0"
>     I cannot prevent the deletion at work, so fixing it so there is no
>     positive would be good.
>     I have already redone the checkouts twice, and it is pretty time
> consuming.
>     Perhaps I can do it again at home, where I don't get the MacAfee
> problem.
>     Later:  Following Chad's suggestion I did full-clean ptolemy run-dev
> go
>    t
>     the same error.  (This is what I did before with the addition of
>     buildkarlib.)
>             -Ken
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