[kepler-dev] Build Problems

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Oct 30 09:41:04 PDT 2007

Hi Ken,

It looks to me like your PTII env variable is still not set.  It can't 
find any of the ptolemy classes.  How are you setting the environment 
variables?  Are you using SET on the command line or are you right 
clicking on my computer and setting them there?  If I remember right, 
the only way that truly works is to set them through my computer.

Also, I think you need to get rid of the spaces in the paths.  put 
everything in c:\someotherdirectory\ instead of "Documents and Settings"


Kenneth Evans wrote:
> Hi,
> This thread was in "RE: [kepler-users] (no subject)".  Sorry about the (no
> subject).  It seems like it should be in kepler-dev, so I'm  making a new
> thread.  Sorry about that, too.
> Executive summary for the hurried:
> 1. Started completely over.
> 2. Still have problems with 1 shutdown.bat.
> 3. Ant build fails. Output attached.
> 4. Can get Kepler to launch anyway (after putting quotes around -DKEPLER,
> etc. paths)
> 5. Kepler doesn't work right. Output attached.
> 6. Vergil works OK.
> Details:
> OK I started over.  Took longer than I remembered, and I was unable to do it
> at home.  I thought the shutdown.bat problem was fixed, but there seems to
> be one of the two still there.  This causes CVS to stop the checkout.  I got
> around that by doing a synchronize, override and update, on individual
> folders after what it did mange to complete.  I now only have a discrepancy
> for ptII on:
> ptolemy/actor/lib/x10/demo/MotorDrivenDemos/shutdown.bat
> I followed the Eclipse instructions.  I did not change the .classpath and I
> did not turn on build automatically.  I just did the Ant build with
> full-clean Ptolemy buildkarlib run-dev and KEPLER and PTII defined.  It ran
> out of memory.  I then fixed the build to use -Xmx256M.
> It then failed.  The output is attached.  I must have done something wrong,
> but I don't see it.
> I then copied the .classpath.default to .classpath for Kepler, not ptII.  I
> still get the 11 errors.
> Unlike the others I can't run the launcher after saying OK to proceed with
> launch.
> The first reason was that I needed to put quotes around the definitions of
> DKEPLER and DPTII since my projects are in My Documents and the path has
> spaces.  (I probably could have set the environment in the launcher instead
> of specifying command-line arguments.)  This should probably be added to the
> instructions.
> After that it still doesn't run.  The output is attached.  It has problems
> with the archives that are probably related to spaces in the filenames.  (I
> will say ahead of time that I will be resistant to moving my Eclipse
> workspace. ;-)
> In ptII I copied .classpath.default to .classpath.  I set up a launcher for
> Vergil and it works OK.  It even finds and uses my actors out of my Eclipse
> actor project.
>         -Ken
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> Dan,
> I did a synchronize with the Ptolemy CVS and found no discrepancies.  I did
> this on Saturday.  That site is changing, however, and would now show
> differences.
> The second problem (also mentioned in a previous post) is that MacAfee
> immediately removes shutdown.bat (2) during CVS updates or checkouts.  This
> seems to foul up CVS.  According to our IT department, shutdown.bat could be
> changed as follows:
> McAfee seems to only detect:
> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown -r -t 0 -f"
> and if you change the string slightly:
> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown -r -t 1 -f"
> or:
> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown -r -f -t 0"
> I cannot prevent the deletion at work, so fixing it so there is no false
> positive would be good.
> I have already redone the checkouts twice, and it is pretty time consuming.
> Perhaps I can do it again at home, where I don't get the MacAfee problem.
> Later:  Following Chad's suggestion I did full-clean ptolemy run-dev and got
> the same error.  (This is what I did before with the addition of
> buildkarlib.)
>         -Ken
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