[kepler-dev] Model Visualisation

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Mon Oct 29 09:34:03 PDT 2007

Hi Russell,

Here's a quick run down:

Kepler uses Ptolemy classes. 

Ptolemy uses "Configurations" to determine how to display models.
The run panel is one such configuration.  Another configuration 
displays the model graphically.

In Ptolemy $PTII/ptolemy/vergil/VergilApplication.java is the
class that reads in the configuration file from
$PTII/ptolemy/configs/full/ and displays the model
VergilApplication extends ptolemy.actor.gui.MoMLApplication.
MoMLApplication opens the model.

ptolemy.actor.gui.PtolemyApplication also extends MoMLApplication,
but brings up the run control panel.

So, I suspect that you don't have the configuration set properly.

Take a look at VergilApplication and see what you think.

See also ptolemy/vergil/MoMLViewerApplet.java for a somewhat hacky way
that is used to display applets.  This code gives a rough overview
of how the model is displayed, though it is not a complete model
viewer, as "look inside" does not work in applets.



    Hey there,
    I'm new to kepler development and this is my first message to the  
    list, I'll try not to waste people's time with pointless questions!
    I've been working on programatically defining workflow models, with  
    varying degrees of success, primarily as a means of understanding more  
    about how the kepler system works (and also how it interacts with  
    ptolemy). This has proved an interesting and useful task, however I've  
    been trying to implement a simple means of providing a visualisation  
    of the models that my code has been generating, and it's here that  
    I've ran into problems!
    Is there a simple way to create an instance of whatever class it is  
    that normally displays the workflow models within kepler and getting  
    this to display my workflows?
    I've tried using Configuration.openModel(myModel) to bring something  
    up, but can only get this to work with the "runPanelConfiguration"  
    from ptolemy, which doesn't give me what I want.
    At the moment I can view my models by getting the code to save them to  
    xml files and then loading them directly into kepler. However for want  
    I would like to do later I would rather have the visualisation remain  
    Am I going about this in the right way? Or is there something I've  
    missed about how to bring up a visualisation of a workflow model?
    Thanks to anyone who can help!
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