[kepler-dev] Third odd question

Shawn Bowers sbowers at ucdavis.edu
Sun May 6 21:45:39 PDT 2007

Hi Glen,

This work was prototyped, but not placed in the kepler repository.  There
is some support for similar kinds of behavior directly within Ptolemy (and
thus in Kepler), e.g., via Modal Models.  There is also a
collection-oriented version of frames, which again is probably not in the
kepler repository, but might be available through the SPA repository (I'm
not sure of the status).


On Sun, 6 May 2007, Glen Jarvis wrote:

> I'm sorry to be asking so many odd questions. I am reviewing all of
> the Kepler publications and creating a summary report. This is mostly
> an overview of background, features, etc.
> I have made it up "Enabling Scientific Workflow Reuse through
> Structured Composition of Dataflow and Control-Flow" written by Shawn
> Bowers, Betram Ludäscher, Ann H.H. Ngu, and Terence Critchlow.
> Are frames (and therefore templates) or the FST actor available in the
> beta3 or nightly builds of Kepler? I cannot find an FST actor or
> anything when searching for frames.
> Warmest Regards,
> Glen Jarvis
> P.S. Like many of the questions, I'm also keeping them in mind when I
> start working on videos again on Wednesday. These videos are a project
> I'm passionate about and am looking forward to it.
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