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Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Sat May 5 08:03:45 PDT 2007

    Thank you for the help on prototyping workflows. I have looked at  
your suggestion (but only peripherally). It seems a solid way to  
prototype workflows. May I ask another question?

    In another paper that you and several others are co-authors of,  
"Scientific Workflow Management and the KEPLER system" (primary author  
Bertram Ludascher), you mention the Web Harvester. I had also seen  
reference to this in the original paper where I asked about Protyping  

    Is this service still in Kepler? I cannot find an actor titled  
"WSHarvester," as is in Figure 5 of that paper. A simple search on  
"Harvester" also brings up no actors.

Thank you again for the help,

Glen Jarvis
glen at glenjarvis.com

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Hi Glen,
We did have such a prototyping actor in Kepler at one time that  
generated Java stub code. It got dropped (for various reasons I cannot  
remember!). However, a complex workflow can easily be prototyped using  
the Composite actor. Just drag as many Composites as needed to the  
canvas, add input/output ports, change the Composites names to  
appropriate values. Each Composite can represent a high level logical  
function in a workflow design. It doesn't need to do anything  
initially, while later it can be opened and detailed subworkflows can  
be constructed inside the composite (either with existing low level  
actors or new ones.)

Dan Higgins

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