[kepler-dev] Fwd: [kepler-users] CVS files missing?

Efrat Frank efrat at sdsc.edu
Mon Mar 19 17:00:10 PDT 2007

Does it say that KeplerApplication class cannot be found?

Perhaps you need to clear the cache. that is delete the .kepler  
document from your home directory (C:/Documents and Settings/ 
Izabell/) and then use ant buildkarlib.

Do you have the lib and config added in the classpath tab?

Does your .project file looks as follows (with your paths):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

On Mar 19, 2007, at 4:42 PM, Izabell Caraconcea wrote:

> Hi Efrat,
> Yes, I built the project, I did not get errors. All classes are  
> generated under bin folder.  I'm using  
> org.kepler.gui.KeplerApplication as the main class.
> What could be?...
> Thank you,
> Izabell

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