[kepler-dev] another big checkin

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Wed Mar 14 14:18:07 PDT 2007


I just did another pretty major change.  The new documentation system 
should now work properly (i.e. you should see the new user documentation 
that Kirsten has been working on when you rt. click on a component and 
go to "Documenatation/Display".)  You will need to update and recompile 
both ptolemy and kepler to get this to work.  You may get compile errors 
if you try to just update kepler without ptolemy.

To use the new documentation system, add your documentation in the actor 
metadata file for your actor in kepler/src/actors.  Check out one of the 
other files for the correct format.  Basically, you just need to add a 
KeplerDocumentationAttribute and put your docs there and it will show up 
in the DocViewer.

For those of you editing documentation.  Please only make changes in the 
actor metadata files.  Do not make any additional changes to the 
kepler-docs/user/Actor_Docs_for_Users_In_Progress.* files.  If you do, 
the changes will have to be hand added to the actor metadata.

Let me know if you see any problems.  Note that some actors do not have 
any documentation so the DocViewer will just show you nulls.  If no 
KeplerDocumenatationAttribute property exists, the system should default 
to the old behavior of first looking for a DocAttribute then searching 
for the source file on the classpath.


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