[kepler-dev] Wrapup sequence question

Norbert Podhorszki pnorbert at cs.ucdavis.edu
Wed Mar 7 09:21:35 PST 2007

Hi Edward and Erwin,

Thanks for the explanation. Now I see how things are working. A note on 
documentation: I know that I missed the paragraph talking about wrapup in 
section 2.4.3 Process Domains (vol.II) but what about to put a note in 
2.3.1 Director? This section has two figures two show default 
execution sequences. You may mention, that the wrapup sequence is 
different under Process Domains...

>From now on, I will be aware to put extra effort in ensuring that no 
(deeply nested opaque) actors under PN can stop by themselves but run 
until starvation.

Best regards

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