[kepler-dev] ssh actors parameter passing

Unni Pillai unni.pillai at nyu.edu
Wed Jun 13 10:48:05 PDT 2007

Hi Folks

Can someone point me to the correct syntax for target input while  
using existing kepler ssh actors such as "SSH Directory Listing"

I'm observing that I can monitor folders on machines where I'm  
logging in using normal ssh syntax of ssh user at machine.name.edu

However when I attempt to login using the following syntax i.e. my  
Target parameter is set as below:
$ ssh -p 7688 user at machine.outsideNYU.org

I'm observing that I'm getting a java exception
[java] ERROR (org.kepler.ssh.SshSession:connect:156) Exception caught  
in SshSession.connect to -p 7688 user at machine.outsideNYU.org:22.  
com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: timeout: socket is not established
      [java] ERROR (org.kepler.actor.io.SshDirectoryList:fire:309)  
SshDirectoryList error at remote directory reading.  
org.kepler.ssh.SshException: Exception caught in SshSession.connect  
to -p 7688 user at machine.outsideNYU.org:22

my Target is set as "-p 7688 user at machine.outsideNYU.org"  This works  
from regular bash shell but does not work within Kepler workflow


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