[kepler-dev] help with finding newly created actor

Unni Pillai unni.pillai at nyu.edu
Wed Jun 6 10:10:20 PDT 2007

Hi Chad
A foolish question, where exactly can I find the moml file (is it  
under Ptolemy) since I've been only working with *.java and *.xml  
within kepler src

On Jun 6, 2007, at 12:55 PM, Chad Berkley wrote:

> can you send me your moml file?  I'll take a look at it.
> chad
> Unni Pillai wrote:
>> Hello
>> I created a new actor following the examples on Kepler Tutorials  
>> <http://www.kepler-project.org/Wiki.jsp? 
>> page=KeplerDevelopersTutorial>.  I was able to create and verify  
>> tutorial samples.
>> However I created a brand new actor called SRBMets and while  
>> firing up kepler using ant run-dev I'm getting the following error
>> [java] com.microstar.xml.XmlException: reference to undeclared  
>> entity (found "copy") in [external stream] at line 17 and column 11
>>      [java]     at ptolemy.moml.MoMLParser.error(MoMLParser.java: 
>> 1006)
>>      [java]     at com.microstar.xml.XmlParser.error 
>> (XmlParser.java:448)
>>      [java]     at com.microstar.xml.XmlParser.parseEntityRef 
>> (XmlParser.java:1625)
>>      [java]     at com.microstar.xml.XmlParser.parseContent 
>> (XmlParser.java:1061)
>>      [java] Unable to process kar file: /Users/unni/Documents/ 
>> projects/ndiipp-ptv/kepler/kar/actors/SRBMets.kar
>> Any ideas on how to debug this since I'm a relative newbie to  
>> kepler.  I'm suspecting that my kepler/src/actors/SRBMets.xml file  
>> probably has some subtle error I'm providing the result of cat src/ 
>> actors/README
>> asterix:~/Documents/projects/ndiipp-ptv/kepler unni$ cat src/ 
>> actors/README
>> The last known id for an actor is actor:519
>> The last known id for an kar is kar:519
>> Please update these ids if you add new actors to this directory so  
>> the next person will know what the next ids to use are.
>> and some corresponding snippet from my SRBMets.xml
>> <entity name="SRBMets"
>> class="ptolemy.kernel.ComponentEntity">
>> <property name="entityId"
>>   value="urn:lsid:kepler-project.org:actor:520:1"
>>   class="org.kepler.moml.NamedObjId"/>
>> And following other SRBActors examples I ended up cutting and  
>> pasting the following <property name="semanticType00"
>>   value="urn:lsid:localhost:onto:1:1#SRBExternalInputActor"
>>   class="org.kepler.sms.SemanticType"/>
>> <property name="semanticType11"
>>   value="urn:lsid:localhost:onto:2:1#DatabaseInputFunction"
>>   class="org.kepler.sms.SemanticType"/>
>> <property name="semanticType22"
>>   value="urn:lsid:localhost:onto:2:1#DatabaseOutputFunction"
>>   class="org.kepler.sms.SemanticType"/>
>> Thanks in advance for any insights.
>> Unni
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