[kepler-dev] Documentation and XML

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Feb 1 13:00:13 PST 2007

Hey Kepler devs,

I just spent the last day cleaning up all of the source documentation so 
that it will render correctly when passed through an xml parser.  All of 
the ptolemy and kepler source files should now have valid xml in the 
javadocs (with a couple exceptions that I'm still working on).  When you 
are documenting code, please make sure that you use valid xml from now 
on in your javadocs.  Don't use ampersands (use & instead) and make 
sure you use &lt; and &gt; if you you want a < or > to render.  If you 
don't, an xml parser will interpret those as xml tags and will throw 
errors.  Also, all tags (including <br>) must be closed!  Please do not 
leave open <p> or <li> tags in the documentation.  Any line breaks 
(<br>) must use the <br/> notation to close the tag.  Also, please use 
lower case tag names and if you do use an upper case tag, close it with 
an upper case.  <p></P> is not valid.

Once again, this goes for any javadoc documentation (anything inside a 
/**   */ documentation block) either for classes, members or methods.

If everyone keeps their docs clean, it will make parsing documentation 
much easier in the future.


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