[kepler-dev] DarwinCoreDataSource actor

Deana Pennington dpennington at lternet.edu
Mon Apr 9 07:42:59 PDT 2007

Great!  I'll take a look at this later this week.  Deana

Dan Higgins wrote:
> Hi Deana,
>    As you know, one missing item from the Kepler tools created for the 
> GARP/ENM model was an actor for providing species location data  
> dynamically as part of a workflow. We could do a Digir search under 
> the data tab for species names and then drag the result to the 
> workspace, but the process was manual, one species name at a time.
>    Well, I modified the DarwinCoreDataSource actor and set up Kepler 
> so that it now appears in the actor list (as well as the result of a 
> search in the data tab). The actor now has an input port named 
> 'speciesName' so that the Digir search can be done dynamically for a 
> list of species. There is an example workflow in 
> $KEPLER/workflows/test/DarwinCore_Test.xml. That workflow shows how a 
> sequence of names (2 in the example!) can be passed to the DarwinCore 
> actor and text files with specimen locations generated. Note that 
> currently going through a list on many species will be slow (several 
> minutes per species) due to the need to query many museum locations. 
> Kansas is working on speeding this up. [Also, Kepler caches results, 
> so that if the example workflow will be much faster after the initial 
> execution.]
>    By the way, the DarwinCoreDataSource no longer does a query 
> immediately when dragged to the workspace. It now waits until the 
> workflow starts execution before beginning.
>    These actor changes have been checked into CVS and are available 
> with the nightly build.
> Dan


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