[kepler-dev] Creating custom actors, specifically Jython/Python

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Jun 28 07:48:36 PDT 2006

The problem with jython is that it wants to analyze all the jar files.
Unfortunately, this was happening at Kepler start up time, even
though the Python actor was available but not being used.  Since
Kepler has lots of jar files, this slowed things down.

The real fix here is for Kepler to have a proxy for each actor so
that it can do lazy loading.   However, this won't happen until after

BTW - I'm sorry I missed the Kepler 1.0 meeting, could someone who was
there sum up?  Also, I'll be away 6/29 through 7/11.



    I am desperately trying to create/reincarnate a python actor.  I see a
    general scripting actor as absolutely crucial to kepler.
    Please somebody help with general guideline on how to make a custom
    actor.  The current documentation is out of date.  For example, how
    are all the lsid numbers generated?  How is the xml script generated?
    What properties are neccesary?  How to package a kar file?  What is
    neccesary?  A single example from scratch would go a long way.
    There is a jython actor in the ptolemy source: what would be the
    simplest way to revive this actor?  There should be no technical
    reason to not have this actor as the RExpression actor is similar but
    more complex.
    I am really needing this actor, if anybody has *any* help whatsover I
    would appreciate it.
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