[kepler-dev] FSM depends on continuous domain

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Jun 21 08:14:36 PDT 2006

Note that fsm/kernel now depends on the continuous domain:

import ptolemy.domains.continuous.kernel.ContinuousDirector;

import ptolemy.domains.continuous.kernel.ContinuousStatefulComponent;

import ptolemy.domains.continuous.kernel.ContinuousStepSizeController;

import ptolemy.domains.continuous.kernel.ContinuousDirector;

BTW - I don't understand why if I want to use fsm I require the continuous
domain.  I think this is a small flaw in the architecture.

Also, this means that Kepler now depends on the continuous domain, so
please be very careful when editing the continuous domain.

Below is the coverage for the continuous domain:

Package                        Method        Constructor   Basic Block
-------                        ------        -----------   -----------
domains.continuous.kernel        49/57=  85%    3/3=100%    129/247=52%
domains.continuous.kernel.solver    9/20=  45%     0/0=N/A  17/52=32%
domains.continuous.lib             2/6=  33%    2/2=100%    8/28=28%

The kernel is pretty good, but the solver and lib could use some work.

BTW - congrats on rewriting CT, this is very important work.


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