[kepler-dev] Documentation problem: no netscape

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Mon Jun 5 21:13:03 PDT 2006

Hi Dion,

Ah, I remember netscape . . .
Looks like old code in $PTII/ptolemy/actor/gui/BrowserLauncher.java
I'm guessing you are running under some form of Unix.

I updated that file so that if the ptolemy.ptII.browser property is
present, then its value is used.

The class comment now says:
     * <p>If the ptolemy.ptII.browser property is set, then its value
     * is used as the value of the browser.
     * <br>To always use Internet Explorer, one might invoke Ptolemy
     * with: 
     * <pre>
     * java -classpath $PTII -Dptolemy.ptII.browser=c:\\Program\ Files\\Internet\ Explorer\\iexplore.exe ptolemy.vergil.VergilApplication
     * </pre>
     * <p>To always use Firefox:
     * <pre>
     * java -classpath $PTII -Dptolemy.ptII.browser=c:\\Program\ Files\\Mozilla\ Firefox\\firefox ptolemy.vergil.VergilApplication
     * </pre>
     * <p>To preserve your browser choice set the ptolemy.ptII.browser
     * property in <code>$PTII/lib/ptII.properties</code>.  Note that
     * each time <code>$PTII/bin/configure</code> is run,
     * <code>$PTII/lib/ptII.properties.in</code> is read and 
     * <code>$PTII/lib/ptII.properties</code> is overwritten, so you
     * may want to add your changes to 
     * <code>$PTII/lib/ptII.properties.in</code>.

This change is in the ptII tree, not the Kepler tree.  I leave it up
to Dan's judgement as to whether this change to BrowserLauncher 
is folded in to the distribution branch.

Note that Kepler may or may not read the $PTII/lib/ptII.properties
file. Thus, you may need to edit the build.xml property and
add the property there.

BTW - To open an acrobat file: If you call 
cd $PTII/doc/design
$PTII/bin/vergil visualsense.pdf 
then the browswer should open up the pdf for you.

One can also call BrowserLauncher directly, but that was misbehaving
for me. 


    Every time I try to open some documentation Kepler complains I don't
    have netscape.  Who uses netscape anymore???  How can I tell Kepler
    where acrobat or firefox are?  Anyway, they can both be started from
    the command line.
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