[kepler-dev] Case Actor

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Jul 31 14:20:42 PDT 2006

There is a very interesting and potentially quite useful higher order 
composite actor in Ptolemy called the "Case" actor. It is a composite 
actor that allows flow control under a SDF Director. I just modified the 
PTII example Case workflow and put it in $KEPLER/workflows/test/Case.xml.

This workflow will execute in Kepler, even though Kapler does not 
include the Case actor in the actor tree. Some icons are missing, 
however, and if you 'Open' the Case actor, the display is much different 
than in PTII. (PTII shows a tabbed display with different workflows for 
each 'case' and an added menu to allow the addition/subtraction of 
cases). I invite people to look at the Ptolemy version and figure out 
how to get Case working 'properly' inside Kepler.


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