[kepler-dev] lsid for classes

Norbert Podhorszki pnorbert at cs.ucdavis.edu
Thu Jul 20 17:23:05 PDT 2006

What is that lsid for classes in the actors' xmls, like
   <property name="id" value="urn:lsid:kepler-project.org:class:1210:1" class="ptolemy.kernel.util.StringAttribute"/>

There are kar and actor lsids that AFAIK should be unique for each actor, 
and src/actors/README is the source of knowledge to determine the next 
available lsid.

What is the case for classes? Is it used at all somewhere?
There are 18 actors with id=1210 currently, so I suppose its uniqueness is 
not enforced...



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