[kepler-dev] Non-Compiling Code in the Kepler Tree

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Tue Jan 31 15:51:03 PST 2006


I agree completely.  Branching the repository should even be an option.  
Can you enumerate some of the problem files?  (Am I the perp for 
anything other than the tests? :)


Matthew Brooke wrote:
> I'd like to issue a general plea that people don't check code into the 
> Kepler src or tests directories if it does not compile.
> Several classes have been checked in and then excluded from the build by 
> editing the ant build file. However, for people such as myself who also 
> wish to compile and run from within an IDE, it is an ongoing pain to 
> have to deal with these classes, since I cannot "exclude" them from the 
> build unless I delete them after each cvs checkout, or I edit my local 
> copy so it compiles.
> If broken classes must be in CVS long-term, I would request that you 
> either comment out lines until they are fixed, or check them into a 
> separate area in the CVS tree - not src or tests.
> Thank you
> m

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