[kepler-dev] SRB actors - all versioned actors were removed

Efrat Frank efrat at sdsc.edu
Mon Jan 30 16:04:44 PST 2006

Dear all,

I was notified by the SRB team that all version 3.2.1 accounts were 
upgraded either to SRB version 3.3/3.4. Thus there is no longer a need 
to use account-versioned SRB actors. The original SRB actors currently 
work with all SRB versions and should also be compatiable with future 
SRB upgrades (by updating the jargon.jar periodically). Having a single 
non-versioned dependant actors is a much cleaner and less confusing 
approach as there is no need to be concerned with matching the actor 
version with your account specifications.

I removed all the SRB actors under $KEPLER/src/org/srb/V331. This 
removal requires modification of all of your SRB workflows if you are 
using SRB version 3.3 or higher. All you need to do is edit the MoML 
file (the workflow's xml description) and remove the V331 from the path 
to the entity's class. E.g.,
    <entity name="SRBConnect" class="org.srb.V331.SRBConnect">
will be replaced with:
    <entity name="SRBConnect" class="org.srb.SRBConnect">

Sorry for the temporary inconvenience. Hopefully we would all benefit 
from these changes.

- Efrat

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